Media Services

The mission of the district library program is to provide all students the library materials and online resources necessary to meet their immediate needs and to help them develop the information and communication skills they will need as lifelong learners.

The guiding principles of program include the following:

  • That student need for information will best be satisfied through hands-on experiences with information resources available from a wide variety of sources and found in a variety of formats including print, audio, visual, and electronic.
  • That students will acquire lifelong learning skills through instruction on locating, evaluating, and synthesizing information to complete classroom assignments.
  • That information literacy will be achieved through exposure to and practice with a wide variety of appropriate information resources and formats as an integral part of student curriculum.
  • That technological literacy will be achieved through hands-on experiences with and instruction on the types of information technology which students will most likely encounter in their daily lives now and in the future.
  • That students will best succeed in the Information Age if they acquire a vision of virtual library (i.e., library without walls) through the use of technologies which access information 24/7.
  • That the exploration of library materials for personal enjoyment, discovery, and enrichment will endure for all generations.