This Friday and Saturday, Dec. 8 & 9,Bowling group picture with student trophies the Speech and Debate team competed at the Dowling Paradigm. This tournament had 82 schools, from 13 states competing! Bringing 6 students, we brought home three trophies, three plaques, and one medal!

Olivia Tidwell placed 2nd in Spontaneous Speaking and received a medal for being in semi-finals for Informative.

Olivia Tidwell placed 2nd in Prose.

Nyamal Dhol placed 3rd in Prose.

Katie Pope placed 4th in Prose.

Parker Wold placed 5th in Prose.

Congrats to Jennifer Herrera and Madison Rhee for doing a fantastic job in Poetry and Oratory! I am so proud of how our team represented East High with strong placement and professionalism!

Please help me in congratulating these amazing and talented students!


Thank you!


Miss Marissa Behan

23755142_809343002600161_2976566683414550658_nThese amazing students for did a fantastic job at George McGovern Speech tournament in Mitchell, SD on Friday and at the Heelan Cup on Saturday:

George McGovern-Olivia Tidwell placed first in Non-Original Oratory. Mikendra Lynn placed 5th in Program of Oral Interp.

Brittany Todd, Mikendra Lynn, Parker Wold, Jordan Abrams, and Madison Rhee had amazing 23658389_808947299306398_558124261612370022_nindividual ranks in their rounds!

Heelan Cup-Noah Engle-Cartie placed 1st in Congress. Rueben Arellano placed 4th in Congress.

Olivia Tidwell and Keven Hernandez (this was Keven’s first tournament ever) placed 2nd in Varsity Public Forum!

23622236_809342999266828_3504021082672159265_nAll students who competed this weekend perfectly represented Sioux City East every moment! What a GREAT group of students!

Ms. Behan

This weekend 7 students competed at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines against over 20 schools from Iowa and even a school from Florida! Please congratulate the following students on an incredible job representing East:

Olivia Tidwell placed 1st in Spontaneous Speaking

Olivia Tidwell placed 1st in Informative

Mikendra Lynn placed 1st in Program of Oral Interpretation and received a Bid for the Tournament of Champions

Brittany Todd placed 4th in Program of Oral Interpretation

Mikendra Lynn and Brittany Todd placed 2nd in Duo Interpretation and both received a bid for the Tournament of Champions

Jordan Abrams received 8th in Spontaneous Speaking out of 30 students (first time doing this event!)

Rueben Arellano and Olivia Tidwell both made it to finals in Congress.

Rueben Arellano placed 2nd overall in Congress.


Kaitlyn Sanford, Jordan Abrams, and Hunter Uhl competed in Congress and made East High very proud! Please help me in congratulating these students for an amazing job at Tournavelt and for a great start to our debate season!

Ms. Behan

Students celebrating debate wins.

Student celebrating debate win.

This Thursday and Friday, the East High Debate Squad attended the Iowa Forensic League State tournament. Schools from all over the State attended including Dowling, Roosevelt, Valley, and other Des Moines Public Schools. All student competed in 3 rounds on Thursday and 19 entries broke to semi-finals and finals the next day. 15 entries total broke to Finals which is more than any other school in the state. In all we brought home 3 STATE CHAMPIONS (Austin Clayton-Informative, Brittany Todd-Poetry, and McKenna Deaton-Prose). Based on our placement in finals AND the number of state champions we have we also became STATE SPEECH CHAMPIONS OF THE IOWA FORENSIC LEAGUE for the second year in a row. We also found out that this was the 75th year of this prestigious tournament and March 3rd was Nationals Speech and Debate Day, which makes this honor even more special! I have attached some pictures from the tournament! Below you will find all the finalists and placement for our team!

Thank you for all the support the school has shown our debate team this year! As the coach of this incredible team, I am so proud of what they have accomplished and am excited to say we are back-to-back State Champions!!

We are State Speech Champions of the Iowa Forensic League!

Dramatic Interpretation- 3rd Lydia Prior

Program of Oral Interpretation- 3rd-Lydia Prior 2nd-Vanessa Perez

Spontaneous Speaking – 3rd-Olivia Tidwell

Informative – 4th- Olivia Tidwell

State Champion- Austin Clayton

Poetry- 4th-Jakob Dirks 3rd-Vanessa Perez 2nd-McKenna Deaton
State Champion-Brittany Todd

Humorous Interpretation- 4th- Brittany Todd. 3rd- Jakob Dirks

Prose-3rd-Emily Blatchford 2nd-Austin Clayton
State Champion- McKenna Deaton


Miss Marissa Behan


Congratulations to the East High Debate Team! Students competed on Friday and Saturday at National Qualifiers for a chance to be compete with the best in the country in June. 4 students gained that opportunity this weekend. The following students will be competing in Birmingham, Alabama in June: Brittany Todd-Humorous interp, Vanessa Perez-POI, Austin Clayton-Informative, and Lydia Prior- Dramatic Interp. April 1st more students will have the chance to go after Congress Quals and World Schools decision! Please congratulate these students as they were against the best in West Iowa and were victorious! Ms.Behan is so proud of you!


Congratulations to the debate team for a great job at the Fremont Tiger Invitational on Friday. Mikendra Lynn placed 5th in Honors finals with over 50 people in Serious Prose. Between Olivia Tidwell, Vanessa Perez, Mikendra Lynn and Brittany Todd, 8 ribbons were brought back representing 1st-3rd in Individual Rounds!!! Great Job representing Iowa as the only Iowa team at this competition!

Updated 1/24/2017

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to the debate team for their winnings at Heelan this weekend. Noah Engel-Cartie placed 2nd in Varsity Congress. Also, great job to Kaitlyn Sanford for placing 3rd in Novice Congress! Some other great things, Jordan Abrams at his 2nd competition EVER was placed in the Varsity House and took 6th place, Hunter Uhl took 5th place and Rueben Arellano took 7th in Varsity Congress. Ann Marie Nguyen place 6th at her first competition. In Novice Public Forum, Ally Evans and Alexa Ringling took 6th place with a 3-2 record at their first competition and Breana Paronto and Whitney Lester did an amazing job also! Congrats to the debate team for a great job at the Crusader Cup! If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on their hard work and representing East High!


Marissa Behan

Debate Coach

Hello!!! I am proud to announce the Sioux City East Debate Squad’s victory at their first tournament this past weekend!

Congratulations to the East High Debate Squad for an amazing weekend at Roosevelt Tournavelt Speech and Debate Competition! The team received First place Team Sweepstakes, along with 4 First place plaques and 14 medals!!

The following are 1st-6th medalists and their categories : OO–3rd Wilhelmina Blevins. Prose- 1st-Austin Clayton, 2nd-Denisse Camarena,3rd-Emily Blatchford,4th-Broden Spates,5th-Katt Ortiz,6th-Emily Osterbuhr. Poetry-2nd-Vanessa Perez, 3rd-McKenna Deaton, 4th-Emily Osterbuhr,5th- Salma Rio. HI-1st- Brittany Todd. DI-5th-Brittany Todd. Informative-1st-Olivia Tidwell,3rd-Austin Clayton,4th-Manvi Virippil. POI 1st-Vanessa Perez, 5th-Denisse Camaren. Great Job to Nymal Dhol, Whitney Lester, Breana Paronto, Jordan Abrams, Rueben Arellano, Adam Beasley, Malik Blevins, Bethany Burbridge, Thomas Burkhart, Peter Kochevar, Simon Miller, Gabe Ruiz, Hunter Uhl and Kaitlyn Sandford for doing an amazing job and representing East High!


Miss Marissa Behan, Debate Coach



At the Iowa Forensic League State tournament, Sioux City East ROCKED! Twenty-three schools competed and Sioux City East took first place Sweepstakes. We brought home six state champions: Prose-David Ehmcke, Poetry-Lydia Prior, Dramatic Interpretation- Lydia Prior, Literary Program-David Ehmcke, Acting- Hannah Ehmcke, and Expository- Austin Clayton. We had 21 entries into Finals, which is a HUGE accomplishment and in all categories we went to finals, we took state champion!


Prose: *State Champion-David Ehmcke 2nd-Whitney Wolf 3rd- Rogie Soeu 4th-Austin Clayton 5th-Megan Leiding

Poetry: *State Champion- Lydia Prior 3rd-Abby Ehmcke 4th-Whitney Wolf 6th-Vanessa Perez

Expository-*State Champion- Austin Clayton 2nd-Nichole Evan

Literary Program- *State Champion-David Ehmcke 3rd-Hannah Ehmcke 5th-Rogie Soeu 6th-Grace Hoefer

Acting-*State Champion-Hannah Ehmcke 3rd-Abby Ehmcke 4th-Wilhelmina Blevins 5th-Baylee Bigbee

Dramatic Interpretation- *State Champion-Lydia Prior 6th-Brittany Todd

Twenty-two plaques, 6 State Champions, and First place Speech Team Sweepstakes! We are so proud of all of the students who competed! Please help me congratulate our six State Champions and our team for getting first place in Sweepstakes! Check out the awesome trophy and plaques in the main office!

12495232_511951965672601_4725289113650878878_n 12790835_511990939002037_9120970352367404902_n

Marissa Behan

Debate Coach

AMAZING news from the NSDA National Qualifiers that happened this weekend: Olivia Tidwell placed 1st in Informative and gained a spot to Nationals in June. David Ehmcke took 2nd in POI and gained a spot to Nationals. He also took 2nd in Dramatic, but as you can only go in ONE category he chose POI. Brittany Todd placed 4th overall in DI and is 1st alternate in Dramatic Interpretation. Katy McCarthy and Olivia Tidwell did an awesome job in Public Forum.

According to NSDA, “The National Debate & Speech Tournament has been held across the country since 1931. Today, more than 3,300 high school 12670870_505500242984440_1506206685382231011_nstudents compete in a week-long competition to determine the most prestigious title in high school academics: National Champion.”

Debate is so excited to get this opportunity to go to Nationals. It will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah in June. Please congratulate these students for their hard work and time they have put into being a National Qualifier!

Marissa Behan, Debate Coach


Please help me in congratulating the Debate Students who competed at the Millard West Winter Wonderland on Jan 29th.

Congratulations to Brittany Todd, David Ehmcke, Lydia Prior, and Hannah Ehmcke who all received bids in Dramatic Interpretation to go to the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions at Denver East High School in May.  David Ehmcke received an additional bid in Original Oratory.

Results: Dramatic Interpretation: *Merit-Brittany Todd, 6th place;   *Consolation-2nd-Lydia Prior; 4th- David Ehmcke; 5th- Hannah Ehmcke

Original Oratory–Champion- 4th place David Ehmcke

12647423_499870320214099_5912572938328104071_nThe team also brought home 8 ribbons for placing 1st in main rounds.

There were over 650 entries at this tournament including over 100 in Dramatic Interpretation and 80 in Original Oratory with 38 schools competing in total. #squad

Marissa Behan

Debate Coach


12508820_497588317108966_5020421674006251922_nGreat job to David Ehmcke for placing 5th in Dramatic Interpretation and 4th in Poetry at the Fremont Invite this past Friday. Congratulations to Olivia Tidwell for placing 6th in Impromptu. Hannah Ehmcke, Whitney Wolf, Rogie Soeu, and Abby Ehmcke did an amazing job representing East and as a team we received over 15 ribbons for placing 1st,2nd or 3rd in each round! Great job everyone!


Congratulations to David Ehmcke, Hannah Rens, Hannah Ehmcke and David Graham for having an awesome 3-3 record at the Blake Debate tournament in Minneapolis this past weekend! We are all proud of how well you competed and represented East High! Great Job!!!

The Dowling Paradigm Speech and Debate tournament was awesome this weekend.

David Ehmcke was a finalist and received 5th place in Poetry. He qualified to the go to the Tournament of Champions at UK later this year! Abby Ehmcke made semi-finalist in Poetry. David Ehmcke was a semi-finalist in POI. Olivia Tidwell was a semi-finalist in Informative and Spontaneous Speaking.

Everyone who competed did an AMAZING job representing East High and faced some of the best in the nation. Congratulation to Brittany Todd (who placed 7th), Vanessa Perez, Katt Ortiz, Katy McCarthy, and Wilhelmina Blevins for competing and challenging themselves at such a tough competition. They did a fantastic job!

 I also want to give a super shout out to Mr.Todd for driving and judging at the tournament this weekend! Mrs. Elder and I want to give him a huge sincere thank you for always supporting the fine arts and debate!

Please congratulate these students for doing a fantastic job and representing East! #begreat


Congratulations to Rueben Arellano who placed 1st in congress at Novice Night at North! Also, congrats to ALL debaters who competed last night!

 Arellano, Rueben

Norfolk Roger Maxwell Results

Novice Poetry: 4th- Lydia Prior, 3rd-Whitney Wolf, 2nd-Hannah Ehmcke, 1st place- Abby Ehmcke

Informative: 5th-Olivia Tidwell

Dramatic Interp: 2nd-David Ehmcke, 1st place- Brittany Todd

Varsity Poetry: 5th place- Rogie Seou

Impromptu: 5th- David Graham, 4th-David Ehmcke, 2nd- Rogie Seou, 1st place- Olivia Tidwell

The team placed 4th place Sweepstakes as a team. Congratulation to all students who competed!

image2 image1

This weekend at Roosevelt Tournavelt Tournament Sioux City East ROCKED!  Sioux City East Squad received Second Place Sweepstakes Overall!

Students were also awarded the following:

Poetry: 1st-Whitney Wolf, 2nd-Wilhelmina Blevins, 4th-Ally Belcher, and 6th-Salma Rios.

Prose: 1st-David Ehmcke, 2nd-Rogie Soeu, 4th- Lexus Godina, and 5th Baylee Bigbee.

Dramatic Interpretation: 5th-Brittany Todd

POI:1st-Ally Belcher, 4th-David Ehmcke, 5th-Rogie Soeu, and 6th-Vanessa Perez .

Informative: 1st-Katt Ortiz.

Congressional Debate: 7th-Noah Engel-Cartie and 13th-Baylee Bigbee.

Top Speaker Award for Varsity Public Forum: 2nd-David Ehmcke.

 Congrats to all of the students involved! Everyone represented East High very well! Also special shout out to Alisha Elder, Mary Heck, Tom Hales, and Sadie Elbert for judging all weekend! You guys rock!

debate squad 1st place winners

12063760_462098330657965_3762388870828904092_nAt the Valley Mid-American Cup this weekend, Sioux City East High Debaters Hannah Rens and David Ehmcke were Quarter Finalists competing against 60 teams from all over the nation, including Florida, Georgia and New York. They held an amazing record thoughout the tournament (6-3) and were the only Iowa team make it to Quarter Finals. AMAZING JOB, Hannah and David!!! 12039220_462098303991301_8087102279847321000_n

David Ehmcke received 5th place Top Speaker award out of 120 students in Public Forum.

At Roosevelt’s Mid-American Speech Competition, Olivia Tidwell placed 3rd in Informative speaking and Lexus Godina placed 3rd in POI! Great job,  everyone who competed!!!

11220090_461821250685673_373616524864674903_nWe can’t wait to see what the season is going to bring for Sioux City East High Debate and Speech Squad! If you see these students in the hallway, tell them great job! They accomplished amazing things this weekend!!!


–Marissa Behan, Debate Coach 


group picture

Attention: The fun, exciting, intellectually-engaging, and not to mention AWARD-winning Debate Squad wants YOU!!!

Come to our first debate meeting September 2 after school in Ms. Behan’s room 221 for important information about the 2015-2016 Debate Year. This meeting will be followed by auditions for NFL Speech events in the Little Theatre.