East High School students had the opportunity to take a brand new class this year, Air Force Junior ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps). Tons of students jumped at the opportunity to participate in such a course, but what is it? Air Force Junior ROTC is a course on citizenship and leadership. Unlike, ROTC, JROTC is not about enlisting students into the military, it is about making better citizens and greater leaders out of the students who participate.

Lt. Col. Larry Brockshus is teacher and overseer of all of the cadets. He logged 27 years in the U.S Air Force and when he retired he became a senior aerospace science instructor in the JROTC program. Lt. Col Brockshus loves and believes in this program and was quoted in a local article saying, “It’s about providing tools for the young men and women to make them more successful in their high school career and beyond.”

Another person who fully believes in and has immersed herself into this program is Makayla Sullivan. She acts as the Corps Commander of the Air Force JROTC and is also involved with the AFJROTC Color Guard.

When asked about her position as Corps Commander, Sullivan said, “It is a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it all. This program has helped me become a better leader, to take responsibility for my actions, and to learn to be respectful and responsible. I think this is an amazing opportunity and I fully love this program.”

There are also a lot of different areas that branch off of Air Force JROTC, such as Color Guard, Cyber Patriot, and the Kitty Hawk Air Society.

Chance Chhet is the Cyber Patriot Commander and has done a lot for the program. He described Cyber Patriot as “learning how to make computers and networks more secure.”

Katy McCarthy is the commander of the Kitty Hawk Air Society, which is an honors program within the AFJROTC program. On the topic of the Kitty Hawk Air Society, she said, “This is the honors society of AFJROTC. Cadets must have a 3.0 GPA and a 90% in the JROTC class to qualify. We volunteer, plan activities for the unit, visit colleges, and encourage academic excellence in ourselves, our flight, and our schools.”

She also talked about how the JROTC program has helped her reach her goals. “AFJROTC has taught me determination, leadership, and teamwork. This can help me to reach my goals throughout the rest of my high school career and beyond.”

AFJROTC is split into three major parts, aerospace science, leadership, and wellness (physical training). This course is an excellent way to build leadership skills and to learn more about our military. It is highly recommended.

Written by:

Kelly D.

EHS Yearbook Staffer