Middle School Exploratory Courses

Middle School is a time for self-discovery.

Sioux City Community School District students will practice career readiness skills necessary for success beyond high school. Students will be able to choose from a wide variety of exploratory courses to broaden their life skills. Each course will focus on content standards along with Iowa’s Universal Constructs.

The exploratory courses in Middle School have been created to connect with career pathways offered at Sioux City CSD high schools.

Learn more about the courses offered at the District Exploratory Courses page.

East Middle ExploratoryTeachers:

Teacher Room Content
Ball 378 Art
Thomas 375 Art
Borrall 233 Business & Marketing
Martin 428 Comp. Tech.
Lyman 236 Digital Music Production
Bass 346 FACS
Kroska 341 Music-Band
Pepin 341 Music-Band
Sheppard 331 Music-Choir
McCoy 330 Music-Choir
May-Patterson 337 Music-Orch.
Pucelik 383 STEM