Student Links: American History Virtual Classroom on Weebly, CodeCombat and others


For Codecombat programming lessons READ, READ, READ the following steps!!!

To  start programming in Python click on the link below and follow the directions:

  1. Click on the link
  2.  Select  “Start New Game”
  3.  Fill out the account as follows:    Name:  will be your First Name followed by the First letter of your last name e.g. Joe Smith will be JoeS.  Email: school email  Password  lunch id twice  Class Code:  Select from the  list below.  Make sure you use the correct code or you will be enrolled in the wrong class.


Class Codes

  • Period 2A Code:     HandFearHeart
  • Period  3A Code:    StopMoonWin
  • Period 7A Code:     CitySpellTown
  • Period 8A Code:     AppleNeckFear
  • Period 2B Code:     UnderBadFox
  • Period  3B Code:     SameSideFire
  • Period 7B Code:      GateSlowPlay
  • Period 8B Code:     TeamSameRing