Kindergarten registration for the Sioux City Community School District will begin in March. A child must be five years old on or before September 15, 2015 and show proof of vaccination to register for kindergarten. Click here for a complete list of Iowa immunization and dental screening requirements.

The Sioux City Community School District offers a richly diverse and warmly accepting group of students and faculty and staff. By blending a solid-core curriculum and caring staff, our all day kindergarten program provides students with excellent opportunities for learning and growth. Click here to see a video regarding the District’s kindergarten program.

Click here to see what their school boundary area. Parents are asked to call the school their child will be attending for more information about kindergarten registration, or they can call the District Elementary Education Office at 279-6677.

Bryant Elementary School at 821 30th Street on April 16 & 17. The phone number is 279-6819.
Clark Elementary School at 4315 Hamilton Boulevard on April 10. The phone number is 239-7030.
Crescent Park Elementary School at 1114 W. 27th Street on April 22. The phone number is 279-6825.
Hunt Elementary School at 615 20th Street on April 9. The phone number is 279-6833.
Irving Elementary School at 901 Floyd Boulevard on May 6 & 7. The phone number is 279-6834.
Leeds Elementary School at 3919 Jefferson Street on March 26 & 27. The phone number is 239-7033.
Liberty Elementary School at 1623 Rebecca Street on March 24 & 25. The phone number is 279-6845.
Lincoln Elementary School at 115 Midvale Avenue on April 14. The phone number is 279-6836.
Loess Hills Elementary School at 1717 Casselman Street on April 21 & 22. The phone number is 279-6843.
Morningside Elementary School (replacement school for Washington and Whittier opening August 2015) held at Whittier at 4820 4th Avenue on March 3 & 4. The phone number is 274-4050 or 274-4048.
Nodland Elementary School at 5000 Mayhew Avenue on April 10. The phone number is 274-4044.
Riverside Elementary School at 2303 Riverside Boulevard on March 12. The phone number is 279-6811.
Spalding Park Elementary School at 4101 Stone Ave. on March 10 & 11. The phone number is 274-4043.
Unity Elementary School at 1901 Unity Avenue on March 5. Their phone number is 279-6839.
English as a Second Language program at 627 4th St on May 15. The phone number is 279-6645.