Middle School Talented and Gifted Services

During the 2015-2016 school year, a group of parents, teachers, and administrators conducted a Talented and Gifted (TAG) program review. (Click here for a copy of the presentation) Based on their findings, the District is implementing several changes for the 2017-2018 school year.  The changes are intended to make significant improvements to the TAG Program, making more opportunities available for our students.

  • Personalized education plan developed for each student needing TAG services. This plan will be developed by the student, parent(s), TAG specialist, general education teacher, and principal or school counselor. The plan will identify the services that the student needs and identify a goal that the student has resulting from his/her participation in the program.
  • Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) courses available online via the Belin-Blank Center. AP courses are rigorous college-level courses available for our high school students. We are excited to offer middle school courses in biology, creative writing, geometry, algebra I, physical science, probability and statistics, psychology, and US history to the Civil War. Each school is limited to the number of students able to participate in these on-line courses so preference will be given to 8th grade students.
  • TAG students scheduled together in small groups, known as “cluster grouping.” This intentional grouping of students allows students to work together and teachers to differentiate the instruction to match the needs of the students. Click here for a copy of the cluster grouping presentation. 
  • TAG Specialist in each middle school to assist teachers with differentiation and enrichment in content areas.
  • Students scheduled in a time during the day for “Intervention/Enrichment.” This time will be utilized to allow students to work through enrichment activities intentionally planned by a content specialist and a TAG Specialist.