Today is an A day!

Iowa Assessment Tests start this week!

Follow these tips in order to perform your best:

Sleep: Get enough sleep the night before the exam. If you’re dull-headed because of a lack of sleep, you won’t be able to perform at your best.

Food: Even if you’re not a breakfast person, eating breakfast is essential before a test. After all, this isn’t just another day at school. Your breakfast should include necessary vitamins as well as keep you energized and full.

Water: Your body and your brain need water. Research has proven that your brain performs more efficiently when well-hydrated.

Temperature: The aim is to be as comfortable as possible during your exam so you’re not distracted by physical needs or concerns. Take a sweater or jacket along in case you need it.

Handling Anxiety: Practice deep breathing techniques if you find yourself becoming nervous or overwhelmed. Breathing correctly, can provide your brain with fuel to help it perform better. Read directions: Make sure you focus on reading the directions carefully. This is the most common avoidable mistake made by students. Don’t let it happen to you.

Read each question: Really read what you are being asked to do on each question. Focus on yourself: Don’t look around at how other students are doing. It will just distract you from your main task which is to do as well as possible on your exams.

Budget your time: Mark and spend time on each answer accordingly.

Warm Up Your Brain: While you’re eating breakfast and getting ready during the morning, try to read something small and short. An article or part of a book is a good choice. This gets your brain in the mood of reading and processing information that it gained visually. Reading lightly before an exam is the same effect as stretching before working out. You’re about to exercise your brain so it needs to be warmed up to perform its best as well.