District Enrollment Continues to Increase

The 2015-2016 student enrollment in the Sioux City Community School District increased for the fourth year in a row, with an increase of 283 students this school year. The official certified enrollment for the Sioux City Schools in the 2015-2016 school year is 14,614 students. In the past four years, the District enrollment increased by 685 students.

“Many factors play into our growth such as the hard work of our staff members, the growing support from the community for our programs and services, and certainly the great partnerships with our parents, students and community agencies.   We will continue to focus on student achievement as one of our highest priorities as we work together with parents and students for the benefit of the entire community,” said Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman.

Every year on the first school day of October, school districts across the state of Iowa count their students. The detail of the student count is reported to leaders in the Iowa Department of Education, who then verify the information through a formula-based recording process.