Supplemental Educational Services

What are supplemental educational services?
Supplemental educational services are additional academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students in schools that have not met State targets for increasing student achievement (adequate yearly progress) for three or more years. These services may include tutoring and after-school services. They may be offered through public- or private-sector providers that are approved by the state, such as public schools, public charter schools, local education agencies, educational service agencies and faith-based organizations. Private-sector providers may be either nonprofit or for-profit entities. States must maintain a list of approved providers across the state organized by the school district or districts they serve, from which parents may select.  States must also promote maximum participation by supplemental educational services providers to ensure that parents have as many choices as possible.

When are children eligible to receive supplemental educational services?
Students from low-income families who remain in Title I schools that fail to meet state standards for at least three years are eligible to receive supplemental educational services.

Are parents notified about supplemental educational services?
Yes. Local education agencies are required to provide annual notice to parents of eligible children about the availability of services and information on the approved providers.

Can parents choose providers for tutoring and other supplemental educational services?
Yes, parents of eligible children can choose from the list of state-approved providers. Most states have approved a diverse list of providers, as mentioned above. Upon request, the local education agency will help parents determine which provider would best fit their child’s needs. When parents have made their selection, the local education agency must then contract with that provider to deliver the services.

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2012-13 SES Eligibility and Participation:

1st Semester Session
Students Eligible – 3,443        Students Participating – 169

2nd Semester Session
Students Eligible – 3,274       Students Participating – (tbd)