Talented and Gifted Program

The Mission Statement for Talented and Gifted Education in the SCCSD:

Supporting the Philosophy & Mission of the Sioux City Community School District, and in recognition of the differentiated needs of gifted and potentially gifted learners, the Talented and Gifted Department will provide opportunities designed to:

  • Broaden and extend the learning process of gifted and potentially gifted students.
  • Support the social/emotional needs of the gifted and potentially gifted students.
  • Support the gifted and potentially gifted students as they become self-directed learners using lifelong learning strategies.

The Sioux City Community School District utilizes the K-5 Talent Development Model, which places an emphasis on collaborative decision making by the classroom instructor and enrichment specialist to meet the diverse needs of learners. Under this model, students will be challenged every day in their classroom, as well as with their time with the enrichment specialist.

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