Elementary and middle school students who live over two miles and high school students living over three miles from their assigned boundary school are eligible for bus transportation. Parents whose students attend schools other than their assigned boundary school are responsible for providing their own transportation.

  • Parents may request paid bussing. This is offered when spaces are available on an existing route.
  • Paid busing requests are processed within the first two weeks of school starting.
  • Parents must use their home address for the application. Babysitter or other addresses other than the home address will not be allowed.
  • Any child who rides the bus to school will be expected to ride the same bus home at the close of school unless the school is informed in writing or by telephone by the parent or guardian of other arrangements. In the event of temporary changes in bus plans, the parents should keep the school informed.
  • Children who ride the bus are not allowed to take other children home on the bus with them.
Contact information:

Main Phone Number – 712-279-6743
Jeff Brown
Transportation Manager

David Le Gree
Transportation Specialist

Lisa Peterson
Dispatcher/Alternative Ed & Special Ed Busing

Linda Olsen
Administrative Assistant