Business & Marketing Middle School Learning Objectives

This webpage provides an overview of what your child will learn about Business and Marketing in middle school. The Business and Marketing learning outcomes focus on the four P’s of marketing, businesses analysis, money management and investments, and entrepreneurship.

Examples of Your Child’s Work at School:

  • Build and analyze a marketing plan for a product or business.
  • Learn the basics of money management and investing through hands-on small-group activities.
  • Collaborate with peers to create a budget, set financial goals, develop an investment strategy, diversify a portfolio, and track the project goals.
  • Learn the basics of entrepreneurship, business, and finance through hands-on small-group activities.
  • Focus on the benefits and costs associated with entrepreneurship, concepts and business plan development, forms of business ownership and franchising, pricing strategies, financing, location selection, and marketing or advertising.
  • Create a business, business name, logo, slogan, what products or services the business will offer, as well as pricing.