Family and Consumer Science Middle School Learning Objectives

This webpage provides an overview of what your child will learn about Family and Consumer Science (FACS) in middle school. The FACS learning outcomes focus on key concepts in relationships and responsibilities.

When your child arrives at middle school, they will begin to learn the essential skills needed to think creatively on real-world projects, work as a team, and professionally preset completed projects.

Examples of Your Child’s Work at School:

  • Critically analyze and work collaboratively with peers to re-design a restaurant, including the logo, menu, and interior design layout.
  • Demonstrate creative thinking in the design and development of a restaurant re-design.
  • Communicate and work productively with others to create care packages for area youth.
  • Consider different perspectives, and cultural views when learning about child development.
  • Collaborate with peers, experts, and others using interactive technology to create or design a virtual city or residential home.
  • Use critical thinking skills to conduct research, solve problems, and make informed decisions about the zoning and basic city services (emergency services, transportation, and education, etc.)
  • Consider many aspects of city planning including pollution, energy, food, public transportation, community services such as fire, library, and parks and recreation.