Do you see yourself as a skilled worker? If you love hands-on work and problem solving, plumbing may be the career pathway for you! Get started on a career with lots of opportunity.

Pathway Description

This pathway teaches the skills associated with a plumbing career. Students in this pathway gain an understanding of the technical expertise necessary for an apprenticeship with an experienced plumber.

Key Competencies

  • Understand and apply coursework in safety, engineering, manufacturing, power, and construction.
  • Install fixtures, faucets, and appliances
  • Identify the types of pipe and fittings used in residential and commercial plumbing systems
  • Demonstrate accuracy in reading and understand the required codes that govern plumbing procedures in the residential and commercial settings
  • Use fundamental plumbing and pipefitting properties such as torque, piping schematics, and elementary pipe layout and joint construction
  • Understand brazing, flame cutting, blueprint reading, electrical principals, and welding symbols
  • Demonstrate accuracy in Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC), Oxy-Acetylene Cutting (OAC), and building weld pads and weld joints in Oxy-Acetylene Welding (OAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)


View the High School Course Guide for an in-depth look at the courses outlined below.

High School Credits:

Year 1:

  • 9000 Industrial Arts Technology (2)

Year 2:

  • 9031 Welding I (2)

Year 3:

  • 9GE6A Basic Plumbing (1)
  • 9GE7A Blueprint Reading and Estimating (1)
  • 9GE8A Industrial Safety (1)
  • 9GE9A Basic Electrical Theory (1)
  • 9GF0B Industrial Plumbing and Pipefitting (2)
  • 9GF1B Building Codes and Specifications (1)
  • 9GF2B Commercial Fixtures (1)

Year 4:

  • 9GF3A Residential Piping (2)
  • 9GF4A Residential Code (1)
  • 9GF5A Residential Fixtures (1)
  • 9GF6B Commercial Piping (2)
  • 9GF7B Commercial Code (1)
  • 9GF8B Plumbing Troubleshooting (1)

Total College Credits:



Annual National Average Salary for a Licensed Plumber: $52,000

Career Opportunities

  • Plumbing Technician
  • Pipefitter or Pipelayer
  • Licensed Plumber
  • Gas Service Technician
  • Project Manager
  • Business Owner