TAG Learning Resources

Motivated Learners Teach Themselves

Khan Academy

  • Free for all
  • By watching videos, students can teach themselves above-grade-level content
  • Strong math and science focus, but also includes a section on arts and the humanities.

Creative Stimulation


  • Students use graphics as a basis for creating their own stories.
  • Students can share stories they have created and read stories written by other authors.

Compete for the High Score

First in Math

  • Based on the 24 Game.
  • Includes math standards from K-8th grade.
  • Students compete with others for high scores.

Smart Videos for Curious Minds

The Kids Should See This

  • Short videos curated by a mom and her children
  • Strong STEAM focus
  • Search the site for videos of interest, or sign up to receive around eight videos sent weekly to your inbox.

Creative Websites


  • Students create their own animated cartoon on this user-friendly site. A login is required.

Storyboard That

  • Students can choose from many templates to create their own cartoons. The free account offers two storyboards per week. A login is required.

Logic & Reasoning Websites

Hooda Math

  • Games on this site often require reasoning skills. Try the logic puzzles and the escape games.

Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles

  • Students practice reasoning skills while solving these puzzles.


  • Explore these thinking puzzles.


  • Try the strategy games.

Math Challenge Websites

Nrich Maths

  • Students may choose a level and work on challenging math problems. Great for advanced problem solving!

Figure This—Math Challenges for Families

  • Created for families to work on together. Great for problem-solving.

Prodigy Math Game

  • Math games aligned to grades 1-8 math standards.

Lure of the Labyrinth

  • Teaches pre-algebra concepts through a game-like format. Inquiry and trial/error is required.

Special Interest Sites

Free Rice

  • Answer multiple-choice questions related to a subject such as English vocabulary, chemistry, geography, and more. Each correct answer results in the donation of 10 grains of rice to charities to end world hunger.

National Geographic For Kids

  • Includes videos, games, information about animals, and an interactive world map.