Virtual School FAQ

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Virtual School be offered?

Virtual School is a new school available through the Sioux City Community School District beginning in August 2021. The Virtual School will have a permanent presence in the District, so families can rest assured knowing that students enrolled in Virtual School can continue a seamless online school experience from kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

Who can enroll in the Virtual School?

All students in Iowa are eligible to enroll in the Sioux City Community School District’s Virtual School. Education is available for students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students that live within the Sioux City Community School District boundary areas can enroll by indicating interest through the online registration process. Students that live outside the Sioux City Community School District can enroll during the Iowa Department of Education’s Open Enrollment window. For any student entering first grade through twelfth grade, the deadline to submit the Open Enrollment application is March 1, 2021. For any student entering kindergarten, the deadline to submit the Open Enrollment application is September 1, 2021.

What subjects will my student study?

Sioux City Community Schools use District and Iowa Core Standards to ensure all students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, meet or exceed expected learning outcomes at every grade level.  Students enrolled in Virtual School will have access to high-quality common core classes in the following subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education.

Will my child participate in interactive online classes?

Students enrolled in Virtual School will log into class daily for real-time class instruction and interaction. The number of hours students log into virtual instruction versus the number of hours spent on assigned work will vary by grade level and course. Instructors will pace classes with District pacing guides to meet grade level and expected course learning objectives. While instruction is not self-paced, the learning support provided through the Virtual School is tailored to support each child’s unique learning needs.

Can the Virtual School curriculum support special needs children?

The District will do its utmost to accommodate each child’s learning needs, but some learning opportunities may need to be modified in a remote environment. The provision of special education and accommodations for students who have individualized education programs (IEPs) or Section 504 plans will be determined by each respective IEP or 504 team. If your child has special needs and you are considering enrollment in Virtual School, please submit a message on Let’s Talk to connect with the special education team about your child’s opportunities.

Is attendance taken for Virtual School students?

Students are expected to attend and complete coursework for the virtual courses daily. Teachers record attendance, and the attendance records are included in the student’s permanent record. If a student is absent, the parents/guardians must inform the school and report the reason for the student’s absence.

What school supplies will my child need?

View the districtwide school supply list online. Items marked with an ^ are not required for students that enroll in Virtual School.

Will a computer or learning device be provided for my child?

Students enrolled in Virtual School will receive a laptop or learning device. This device is property of the District but will remain in the student’s possession throughout the school year. Students will be required to use the device for various instructional activities.  All appropriate use policies for technology use apply. Students will be required to follow policies and procedures defined in the acceptable use agreement.

Where can I find information about the policies and practices for the Virtual School?

The information in the Sioux City Community School District Parent/Guardian and Student Handbook applies to all District students, including students enrolled in Virtual School. For the 2021-2022 school year, the handbook will include additional information regarding policies and practices specific to the Virtual School. The 2021-2022 handbook will be published during the 2021 summer.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Virtual School?
If you have questions about the Virtual School, please call the District office. If your child is in elementary school, please call 712-279-6677. If your child is in middle school or high school, please call 712-279-6676.