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As one of the largest employers in Siouxland, the Sioux City Community School District provides a wide variety of career opportunities both in and out of the classroom along with competitive salaries and benefits.

Employee Contract Negotiations 

The Sioux City Community School District Board believes in open dialogue between labor and management. In order to develop employee contracts for the various employee groups within the SCCSD, the Board and Superintendent or his/her designee set-up teams to negotiate employee contracts each year.

The Board meets with the Superintendent or his/her designee prior to negotiations in order to establish parameters for the negotiation committee.

Once negotiations are complete, they are voted on by the Board at a public Board meeting for approval.

Employee Master Contracts 

All employee master contracts include payroll deductions, a compliance clause, a grievance procedure, employee hours, the employee work-year and holidays, information for sick leave or a leave of absence, employee evaluation procedures, wages, health, and safety information, professional development, a grievance report, and salary schedules.

SCEA Master Contract

The SCEA Master Contract is for teachers and includes information about supplemental pay, professional standards and in-service information, procedures for reduction of staff, a supplemental pay schedule, a memorandum of understanding, and information about the Teacher Leadership System.

SCESPA Master Contract 

The SCESPA Master Contract for instructional assistances, secretaries, ESL tutors, paraeducators, and bus assistants. This contract includes an hourly rate salary schedule for secretaries and paraeducators.

O&M Master Contract 

The O&M Master Contract is for building service personnel, building level supervisors (elementary and secondary schools), building level supervisors/building service technicians, and food service employees. This contract includes terms of employment, leave and fringe benefits, personal leave, bereavement, reserve unit leaves, health leave, jury duty, vacation, FMLA leave, holidays, uniforms, weather conditions, the step system, advancement through craft, advancement through building service steps, placement of new experiences employees, probation for new employees, continuing education, additional pay, building checks, mechanics premium pay, engineer licensing requirements, and a bi-weekly salary schedule.

Transportation Master Contract 

The Transportation Master Contract is for regular school bus drivers, flex drivers, or dispatchers. This contract includes minimum pay provisions, miscellaneous leave provisions, vacations, general seniority, time allowance, wage rates and classifications for bus drivers, an accident prevention article, insurance, physical examinations, and separability.

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