OURS Parent Group

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Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Sanford Community Center located at 1700 Geneva Street in Sioux City.


To enrich our community by empowering parents while providing educational knowledge, cultural dignity, respect for self and others as we invest in the future of our children.


To provide support to parents/guardians of Black/African American students.


Cultural Competence

  1. Identify, promote & respect all cultures, races and ethnicities
    1. Cultural Competence Training for students, parents and faculty
    2. Introduce, educate and interact with other cultures, races and ethnicities
  2. Parental Engagement to emphasize:
    1. Inclusion vs exclusion by breaking down identified barriers
      1. Language (slang, verbal, and professional jargon)
      2. Stereotypes
      3. Preconceived notions
  3. Be engaged in OURS Parent/Guardian Connections

Communication & Collaboration

  1. Clear/open communication and collaboration with other parents/guardians, your children and school personnel.
    1. Parents/guardians communicate with your child(ren) a minimum of 30 minutes per day.
    2. Obtain information online, email, phone, person to person with teachers, counselors, administrators, and other parents/guardians.
    3. Be a resource and support to other parents/guardians.
    4. OURS parents/guardians will create and promote a Student of the Month.

Academics and Social Accountability

  1. Parental Engagement
    1. To support and promote academic development
    2. Participate in your child’s school activities and programs
    3. Establish “do’s and don’ts” for your child in the areas of appropriate cultural, social behavior and language
    4. Maintain your sense of humor
  2. Academics
    1. Establish goals and expectations
      1. Provide an environment for studying
      2. Identify and utilize resources (i.e. – tutors, library, etc.)
      3. From parent/guardian, student, teacher, school partnerships
  3. Social
    1. Encourage participation in extracurricular and community activities and programs
    2. Community service
    3. Attend and participate in cross-cultural events and activities

Organization Contacts

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