Outstanding Property Tax Levies & Maximum Levy Limitations

Sioux City Community School District Outstanding Tax Levis & Maximum Levy Limitations for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023

 School District MaximumsSchool District MaximumsSchool District MaximumsSchool District Maximums 
 Max Total $Max Total RateMax SurtaxFinal YearAuthorized MaximumsIowa Code Reference
Instructional Support Authority$010.00%20.00%202610% of regular program257.18
Ed Improvement Authority$00.00%navote to rescindmax % authorized by electors257.29
General Fund (Total w/ISL & Ed Imp)   annualformula basedChapter 257
Management   annuallimited by use of funds298.4
Amana Library 0.00000 vote to rescind$.20 property tax limit298.7
Voted Physical Plant & Equipment$00.000000.00%0$1.34 property tax limit298.2
Regular Physical Plant & Equipment   annual$.33 property tax limit298.2
Reorganization Equalization   annuallimited by use of funds275.31
Public Education/Recreation (Playground) 0.00000 vote to rescind$.135 property tax limit300.2
Debt Service 2.70000 ballot determined$2.70/$4.05 property tax limit298.18
 FY 2023 Total DollarsFY 2023 Total Dollars  FY 2023 Income SurtaxFY 2023 Income Surtax
 Property Tax & Util Repl AmountProperty Tax & Util Repl RateProperty TaxEstimated Utility ReplAmountRate
Instructional Support Authority$2,210,4930.63933  $2,082,6783%
Ed Improvement Authority$00.00000  $00%
General Fund (Total w/ISL & Ed Imp)$34,408,27510.92099$33,264,094$1,144,181  
Amana Library$00.00000$0$0  
Voted Physical Plant & Equipment$00.00000$0$0$00%
Regular Physical Plant & Equipment$1,140,9800.33000$1,106,406$34,574  
Reorganization Equalization$00.00000$0$0  
Public Education/Recreation (Playground)$00.00000$0$0  
Debt Service$00.00000$0$0  
Grand Total$39,299,25312.44847$37,995,039$1,304,214$2,082,6783%