Additional Health Resources

Additional Health Resources for SCCSD Employees

Pregnancy/Maternity Resources 

Breast Pump Suppliers – A national list of breast pump suppliers.
Healthy Pregnancy App – An app that offers nurse support and resources for a healthier pregnancy,
Information for a Healthy Pregnancy – Individual Support for employees and families.
Maternity Support Program – Personalized maternity care for employees and their families.

Preventative Care Resources 

Adult Preventative Vaccinations & Flu Shots – A guide to adult vaccination coverage. 
Preventive Care Guidelines – Help you and your family stay healthy with preventative care. 

Support Resources 

Cancer Support Program
Whether you or a family member has been diagnosed or has risk factors for cancer, the numbers are telling. One in three Americans will have cancer at some point in their lives. That’s why we offer the UHC Cancer Support Program. 

Diabetes Control Program 
If you’re living with diabetes, the new UCH diabetes control program offers private, personal care to help with medications, nutrition, blood glucose monitoring, and more.  

UnitedHealthcare Resources 

Digital Security – Health Safe ID – Experience simple, secure, seamless digital access with Health Safe ID. 
Generic Medications – 5 Things to Know -Learn more about generic medications. Step-By-Step Registration – Step-by-step instructions on how to use the MyUHS online portal from a mobile device.
Find a Doctor – Step-by-step instructions to find a doctor in your area. 
Find Care and Cost Tool – Step-by-step instructions to help you find care or the cost of care. 
Nurseline – Speak with a registered nurse over the phone. 
Premium Providers – See a full list of UHC premium providers. 
Virtual Visits – Video chat with a doctor 24/7. 
Why is UHC Calling? – Learn more about why UnitedHealthcare may be trying to contact you regarding a health program or service available to you or to offer information to help you manage or improve your health. 

Wellness Resources 

Quit for Life – Smoking Cessation
If you want to enjoy life without tobacco, UHC is here for you. The Quit for Life program offers proven, personal support to help you quit for good – at no additional cost to you. Choose from a variety of tools to customize your plan to help you break free from tobacco. 

Wellness Coaching
Change your behavior and improve your health. Learn how you can take part in wellness coaching, either online or at your own pace with a personal coach.