Pharmacy Information

Pharmacy Information for UHC

Provider: Optum Rx 

Prescription Drug List 

Prescription drug lists are provided to help you understand information about the most commonly prescribed medications. It includes both brand-name and generic prescription medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Medications are listed by common categories or classes and placed in tiers that represent the cost you pay out-of-pocket. They are then listed in alphabetical order.

UHC Prescription Drug List – Effective 1/1/2022
UHC Prescription Updates – Effective 1/1/2022

UHC Prescription Drug List – Effective 5/1/2022
UHC Advantage/Essential Prescription Drug List ($0 Cost-Share Preventive Medications) – Effective 5/1/2022

Pharmacy Forms 

OptumRx How to Use Mail Service Pharmacy

OptumRx Mail Order Form

OptumRx Physician Fax Order Form

Optum RX Pharmacy Reimbursement Form

Complete and return this form when you have purchased a covered prescribed prescription drug at retail cost and are seeking reimbursement. Submit this form with the original prescription label receipt(s).