IPERS & 403b Retirement Investments

IPERS Retirement Plan

IPERS – Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System

The IPERS plan is a defined benefit pension plan. Your benefits grow with you throughout your IPERS-covered employment and like your years of service and salary increase, your IPERS benefits grow too. 

Both you and the SCCSD contribute to IPERS. IPERS invests the contributions and holds the investment income in a trust fund for the exclusive purpose of paying benefits to members and their beneficiaries. 

Enrolling in IPERS is easy and coverage is automatic for SCCSD employees. Employees just need to designate a beneficiary. 

IPERS Resources

IPERS Contribution Rate Information

IPERS Forms 

IPERS Enrollment & Beneficiary Designation Form

IPERS Name-Address Change Form

Request for IPERS Benefit Estimate Form

Additional Retirement Investments

403b Retirement Investments

A 403(b) retirement plan allows eligible SCCSD employees to contribute some of their wages to the plan. There are significant tax advantages for participants in a 403(b), including pre-tax contributions to a 403(b) plan and earnings. 

403b Retirement Investment Resources and FAQs

403b Investment Options
403b Program Summary
403b Roth Summary
Retirement Investors’ Club
Retirement Investors’ Club 403B Website

What is the RIC 403(b) retirement savings plan benefit?

You have the opportunity to save for retirement by participating in our 403b plan offered through the Iowa Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC). You may participate by making pretax contributions (and post-tax Roth if allowed) to one of the RIC investment providers.

How do I contribute to the 403b plan?

To contribute, you must open an account with one of the RIC investment providers and submit the RIC 403b Salary Reduction Form (https://das.iowa.gov/RIC/403b/documents) to our payroll office. Provider information is available at https://das.iowa.gov/RIC/403b/providers.

How much may I contribute?

The 2021 regular contribution limit is $19,500. If you are age 50 or older, the limit is $26,000. A catch-up contribution option (up to an additional $3,000 per year for 5 years) may be available if you have been our employee for at least 15 years and your average annual contributions have been $5,000 or less. Salary reductions may be changed or stopped at any time by completing the RIC 403b Salary Reduction Form.

What if I am already contributing?

Take full advantage of your benefit! Consider increasing the amount you are saving for retirement (up to the maximum limits). If you wish to change the amount you are contributing, simply complete and submit a RIC 403b Salary Reduction Form to our payroll office.

How can I find out more?

Information is available at https://das.iowa.gov/RIC/403b. You may also contact the RIC providers (see https://das.iowa.gov/RIC/403b/providers), or RIC toll-free at 866-460-4692, option 1. If you currently participate, you can call your investment advisor to review your account and retirement income goals.

403b Retirement Investment Forms 

403b Salary Reduction Form

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