Payroll & Contact Forms

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All PDF forms must be printed and completed. 

The following payroll forms should be returned to the Payroll Department located on the 3rd floor of the Educational Service Center:  

Direct Deposit Form

All SCCSD employees must complete the Direct Deposit Form. This form allows the SCCSD to process electronic payments and eliminate the usage of paper checks.  

Missing Punch Report

All SCCSD hourly employees who miss a punch must complete this form and obtain approval from a supervisor. According to the SCCSD Employee Handbook, “In order to have the District function in an efficient manner, all employees are expected to meet deadlines for all assigned paper or electronic reports, including by not limited to time sheets…” 

In an effort to reduce the number of missing/corrected punches during payroll processing, payroll will begin notifying supervisors of any employee who is not meeting the expectation of clocking in at the beginning of their shift, and clocking out at the end of their shift. 

The following contact information forms should be returned to the Human Resources Department located on the 1st floor of the Educational Service Center: 

Address Update Form

All SCCSD employees who have a change in their permanent residence should complete the Address Update Form. This will allow the SCCSD to mail important time-sensitive documents, such as tax forms, accurately and efficiently. 

Emergency Contact Information Form

All SCCSD employees are required to provide the SCCSD with two emergency contacts, their family physician information, and any allergies or special needs. This information is only to be used in situations of emergencies when the employee cannot speak for themselves.  

Additional forms can be found in the HR Department section under insurance and benefits, wellness, evaluations, and retirement and resignation information.