Safety & Work Comp

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When an employee of the Sioux City Community School District sustains an injury, it not only impacts that employee’s life, the injury impacts his or her family, and the continuity of the students we educate.  

What you should do if you are injured at work? 

For an emergency, go to the nearest Emergency Room or call 911. 

For all other incidents, report it — no matter how minor. The report must take place immediately to ensure that the employee receives proper medical attention and that the District complies with all state requirements. 

Workers’ Compensation Injury Procedure 

  1. Immediately notify your supervisor or principal of your injury/incident. 
  1. Notify Paul Logsdon (ext. 6120) or Stefanie Verros (ext. 6119) in Human Resources.  
  1. Seek medical attention. Human Resources will schedule an appointment with an occupational health doctor or other necessary clinic.  
  • If you choose to be treated by a personal doctor, you may not qualify for work comp insurance benefits and you may be responsible for all medical costs related to this incident. This is in accordance with Iowa Workers’ Compensation statue, Iowa Code Chapter 85.27.  
  1. Complete the required paperwork. Go to the HR office at 627 4th St. within 24 hours of the incident to fill out the required forms.  
  1. Attend all follow-up appointments. Continue to follow the work comp doctor’s care plan until the injury or incident is resolved.  
  2. Submit all duty resrictions and return-to-work documents to your principal, supervisor, or HR as sson as possible.

Safety and Work Comp Resources 

Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogen 

It is our goal to reduce the significant risk of infection by minimizing or eliminating occupational District exposure to blood and other infectious materials by educating about universal bloodborne pathogen precautions.  

Safety and Work Comp Contact 

Paul Logsdon
Benefits Administrative Assistant
712-279-6692 Ext. 6120