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Meeting the Needs of Every Student

In order to ensure learners achieve their highest potential, the Sioux City Community School District provides supports that address the needs of all children and youth. Learning supports are a wide range of strategies, programs, services, and practices that are implemented to create conditions that enhance students learning. By providing a multi-tiered system of learning supports, the Sioux City Community School District offers:

Supports for instruction, which fosters healthy cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development. Supports for instruction are inherent in the Instructional Decision-Making process which uses multiple strategies to provide supplemental and intensive supports to ensure that children and youth have the full benefit of quality instruction.

Family supports and involvement, which promotes and enhances the involvement of parents and family members in education.

Community partnerships, which promotes school partnerships with multiple sectors of the community to build linkages and collaborations for youth development services, opportunities, and supports.

Safe, healthy, and caring learning environments, which promote school-wide environments that ensure the physical and psychological well-being and safety of all children and youth through positive youth development efforts and proactive planning for the management of emergencies, crises, and follow-up.

Supports for transitions, which enhances our school’s ability to address a variety of transition concerns that confront children, youth, and their families.

Child/youth engagement, which promotes opportunities for youth to be engaged in and contribute to their communities. 

The learning support department oversees homeschooling, nursing—including dental and vision screening requirements and immunization requirements—special education, and the talented and gifted (TAG) program. 

View the District Developed Service Delivery Plan for Special Education here. 

Department Contacts

Learning Support Fax Number: 712-279-6081

Photo of Kimberly Neal