Focus 2022: Goal 4

Goal Area 4 Goal Four

Practice Effective, Efficient, and Sustainable Business Practices


A. Protect the District’s financial solvency

  • Make budget adjustments to align expenditures to available revenues and Unspent Balance.
  • Align funding to Focus 2022 Strategic Plan goal areas.
  • Seek funding opportunities through grants that will increase miscellaneous fund.
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation costs.
  • Contain healthcare costs.

B. Streamline and improve business operations

  • Increase use of Open Source resources.
  • Improve inventory practices.

C. Promote efficiency and long-term sustainability

  • Increase resource optimization.
  • Improve transportation efficiencies.
  • Continue to incorporate Energy Management practices throughout the District.

D. Advocate on behalf of the District for increased funding

  • Increase training for key personnel, including board members, on effective lobbying and advocacy techniques.
  • Increase stakeholder awareness of District’s need for equitable funding.
  • Increase legislators’ awareness of the District’s need for equitable funding, extension of sales tax and setting supplemental state aid amount in a timely manner.
  • Increase legislators’ awareness of the District’s need for adequate funding for high need populations.