October 31, 2017 Academics

Mobile STEM Lab Offers Virtual Reality Lesson for Students

Students from a Sioux City elementary school had the chance to explore a mobile STEM lab with the help of virtual reality, Tuesday.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The zSpace mobile lab stopped at Spalding Park Elementary to show students and teachers how virtual reality can be used to impact their classrooms. The program hopes to offer an interactive experience.

The software forgoes a headset, and relies on a pair of 3D glasses. Students can hold a 3D butterfly in their hands, or learn about the human heart. Although zSpace specializes in nursing, the program offers VR lessons across many STEM fields. “We really allow them to grab things weather it is work on a V-8 engine, or work on the earth, or do a dissection of an animal, we’re able to do that in VR,” said Pat Salstrand, zSpace Sales Director.

zSpace can also help medical students and doctors practice surgeries and dissections without fear.  Virtual reality removes the risk of spilling chemicals or breaking materials.

Sioux City is just the latest stop in the bus tour.

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by Brett Funke