October 31, 2017 Academics

Virtual Reality Bus Lets Students Explore Outer Space

Students at one Sioux City school got a unique look at our solar system today.

5th graders at Spalding Park Elementary visited an interactive school bus that has 3D technology where kids can explore and interact with the planets in a way they can’t do in a traditional classroom setting.

5th grade teacher, Candice Schoenherr, said, “The purpose is to get the kids more experienced, more hands on, and to get them used to different labs and things we can’t do in the classroom. So, right now coming up in science classroom, we’re talking about space and the solar system and this is a perfect lesson because it’s getting them more interactive in what we’re doing rather than what we are just doing in the classroom.”

“If we learn more, then we may be able to figure out maybe if there might be life on other planets or not,” 5th grade student, Nyajal Lul, told us.Â

The Z-Space virtual reality bus visits schools across the country, helping incorporate VR lessons into classes in science, technology, engineering and math.

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by Chloe Davila