November 27, 2017 Achievements

Irving Students Receive Gifts to Improve Health

750 students at Irving Elementary in Sioux City are receiving the gift of a healthy future.

The American Heart Association and Mercy Medical Center teamed up to not only teach students how to be healthy but give them the tools to succeed.

“Some schools don’t have the budgets to be able to continue to keep up with restoring dilapidated equipment so, this is a part of being able to do that to ensure that the kids are getting more exercise,” says Jerry Hernandez, with Mercy Medical Center.

Each student will receive a brand new water bottle to encourage drinking water instead of pop.

Students will also get their very own jump rope they can use at school or at home.

“We recognize that right now about over half of all Americans don’t get enough physical activity every single day so, we know kids can learn at a young age and learn it every single day so making physical activity a portion of that is very important,” Says Chris Schives, Regional Vice President with the American Heart Association.

Every day the children of Irving Elementary learn the importance of exercising not only their brains but, their bodies as well.

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by Ashly Richardson