November 22, 2017 Academics

North High Students Create E-Magazine

Students at North High School are taking a trip back in time for an American Studies project and they’ve reached out to professionals in Siouxland, to help them along the way.

KCAU 9’s Christina Grijalva was invited, along with about 30 other people throughout the community, to take part in an event call ‘Critical Friends.’

The volunteers sat down with a group of students and offered critiques on articles they wrote for an online magazine they’re creating, focusing on the United States and global issues.

This is the fourth year North High has created, what’s called, an ‘e-magazine,’ for an American Studies project.

This year’s topic, focused on how the world views the U.S. and what role Americans play in the world.

The school rounds up volunteers out in the community to give students feedback on articles they’ve composed and the layouts they’ve designed.

American History teacher, Michael Lamoreux says, while there have been different topics in the past, they saw the kids understanding and perspective go a little further with this one.

“We used this to kind of go a little bit deeper and we saw that their understanding of these big topics and concepts, definitely went a lot further for them, using this topic,” said Mr. Lamoreux.

This is North High junior, AnnDea Boetger’s first year taking part in the e-magazine evaluation and she thought it was extremely helpful.

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by Christina Grijalva