November 21, 2017 Achievements

Red Sand Project at West High Hopes to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking

Students at a Sioux City high school are doing their part to raise awareness about human trafficking in the community.

Students at West High taking part in the Red Sand project, using the colored sand to fill in cracks in the pavement outside the school.

It symbolizes not letting anyone slip through the cracks and become a victim of human trafficking.

“It’s important because it happens here. It’s not just some made up thing, it’s not a myth, it’s a real thing. It’s real, it happens here, it happens to families. People are being torn apart and their families don’t know where they are. They are being mentally and physically destroyed for someone else’s profit,” said Junior Sarah Waldner.

Today’s event was put on by Siouxland Teens Against Human Trafficking, which aims to raise awareness of the issue among local students.

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by Siouxland News