November 1, 2017 Achievements

Sioux City Man Delivers Winter Coats at Irving

A Sioux City man, who hopes to buy hundreds of winter coats for local elementary school students, dropped off his first delivery, Wednesday morning.

Chuck Swaggerty-Morgan dropped off his first batch of winter coats that he bought with donations from friends, and money from his own pocket. Swaggerty-Morgan dropped off 45 coats at Irving Elementary. That was one of five schools he provided with coats, last year.

This year, the need is even greater. Swaggerty-Morgan says eight elementary schools needs winter coats for students that don’t have one. He thinks he’ll need to buy more than 400 winter coats to cover the need.

Swaggerty-Morgan hopes Sioux Cityans can help him in his mission. “They can help by buying new coats, from many of the new department stores, I’m trying to find them in the $15 to $20 range,” Swaggerty-Morgan said.

“If they want to purchase coats for boys or girls, size 7 through size 16, and bring them to the Whistle Stop Antique Shop on Nebraska Street, or they an donate money.” To help out, call (712) 224-2088.

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by Matt Breen