November 22, 2017 Achievements

Unity Teacher Wins Jefferson Award

When it comes to kids with special needs, Brittany Busch has got a very special place for them in her heart.

“Realizing how much joy they have in the simplest of things in life,” said Busch.

She’s a full-time integrated pre-school teacher at Unity Elementary School, teaching kids with special needs.

And when she’s not at school, you’ll find her with the little ones, like Ava, this time at Gigi’s Playhouse.

“I wanted to offer what I knew about young children, particularly young children with Down Syndromeand be able to offer programs that support them. So that really came from language and play and interaction and socializing. And so those are the two programs that I have deeply rooted passions about. Those are the programs that I’m continuing to plan for and prepare and run,” said Busch.

Gigi’s Playhouse is Down Syndrome Achievement Center. It’s a nationwide non-profit group providing resources and programs for people of all ages with Down Syndrome.

“This is just so awesome for us and we’re so happy for her and it could not have happened to a better person,” said Amanda Sweum, Program Coordinator at Gigi’s Playhouse.

As a Gigi’s Playhouse volunteer program coordinator, Brittany helps kids with special needs learn how to talk, sing and read.

“I’m just one piece of our puzzle. There are so many of us working together to help our kids be the best that they can be and also to reach their unlimited potential,” said

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by Jetske Wauran