December 12, 2017 Academics

Suicide Survivor Kevin Hines Speaks at East High

In the year 2000, a man jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Seventeen years later, that same man traveled to Siouxland to share his story of incredible adversity.

Kevin Hines felt instant regret after he let go of the railing on the Golden Gate Bridge, but there was nothing he could do anymore except pray.

Hines shattered three of his vertebrae in his back, and required extensive care and numerous surgeries to be able to even walk again.

Even though it was a long road to recovery, Hines is more than happy he survived.

He is one of 36 people to survive the jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, as it unfortunately collects over 99% of the jumper’s lives.

Hines is also one of only five people to be able to make a full recovery after the jump.

On Tuesday, Hines came to East High School in Sioux City to tell his tale.

“When people don’t recognize mental illness is real, it has a real effect on the people with that kind of pain, and a lasting effect that can totally be changed with just an ounce more of empathy and care and compassion for what somebody else is going through,” said Hines.