December 2, 2017 Academics

School District Relays Priorities for 2018 State Legislative Season

In just a month, state legislators will meet in Des Moines for 2018’s legislative session.

Saturday morning, Sioux City School district representatives and local politicians met to discuss next year’s education legislation.

Dr. Paul Gausman, the Sioux City School Board, and other district officials outlined their priorities for the legislative session.

Rep. Jim Carlin (R) Sioux City and Rep. Chris Hall (D) Sioux City were at the forum to listen and share their thoughts.

Discussion included transportation equities for students, school choice, public employees’ retirement savings, and education funding from the state.

The state cut $20 million to education in fiscal year 2017, to make back on a $100 million budget shortfall.

Next year’s session begins on January 8.

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by Mason Mauro