January 24, 2018 Achievements

Career Academy Students 3-D Print Bowls for Food Bank of Siouxland Fundraiser

PLTW Engineering students experiment with 3-D printer.
PLTW Engineering students experiment with 3-D printer.

Sioux City High School students are using their skills in 3D printing to give back to the community with the Food Bank’s “Empty Bowls” Fundraiser.

“So I have my senior class designing some bowls, and we are 3D printing them to take them to the fundraiser,” said Laura Mesz, Project Lead The Way Engineering Teacher

The Seniors in the engineering class are designing bowls from scratch in a 3D modeling program to the size needed for the fundraiser.

The models are then sent over to the 3D printer, which creates the bowl based on the model.

Taylor Semple, a Senior at North High School, tells us using their skills they gained in high school prepares them to do great things in the future.

“It’s going to be really inciteful, I really hope I can help a lot more people than the food bank, maybe the whole district, maybe the whole world, could be impacted with the stuff that I design,” said Taylor Semple, Senior North High School.

The Empty Bowls Fundraiser will be Friday, February 2nd at the Delta Hotels Center in South Sioux City.

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by Brett Funke