January 26, 2018 Academics

East Middle School Takes PE Class Outside for Snowy Fun

Rain, snow or shine, P.E. classes go on at schools across Siouxland, but after a blizzard, there’s only so many games of dodgeball you can play.

So students at East Middle School got the chance to go sledding today during P.E.

Their teacher says this fun activity has a lot of hidden physical benefits.

“This is just a fun day, a fun way to get out and have some fun in the snow. We have the perfect hill for it and if you ask any of these kids, we’re sweating, we got a good cardio vascular workout getting up this hill, you really burn some calories. You kind of figure out that you can have fun, but also get a really good workout at the same time. So, kind of combination of both worlds there,” said P.E. teacher Olivia Terzo.

For some of the students, today was their first time ever on a sled

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