January 26, 2018 Achievements

Liberty Elementary’s “Little Olympic Games” Build Character in Students

The spirit of the Winter Olympic Games is already in full swing at a Sioux City Elementary School.

At the beginning of the school year, Liberty Elementary School was divided into houses. Each house has its own flag, color, mascot, and cheer. Students and teachers brought out their own flags, on Friday, for the school’s Liberty House Games.

As a reward for showing respect and responsibility, the students can earn the right to take part in a friendly competition to reinforce positive character traits. “Just like athletes, each day they can do their best and they can try hard and make sure they are showing those four things: respect, ownership, attitude, and responsibility,” said Stacie Henderson, Liberty Elementary Principal. “And, that mirrors what olympic athletes do in order to build their success throughout the years.”

The kids, and some of their teachers, stacked Oreos, moved M&Ms, and created paper mache mummies for a few of their competitions in the auditorium. In spite of their enthusiasm, they all remembered to be respectful, like Olympic athletes, and had a great time.

“I thought it would be like, the older kids would be like doing their own thing, talking to their friends, but no they are all enjoying it.” says Bella Rollins, Student.

After awarding the gold, silver and bronze medals to the finishers, the totals were tallied. Just like the real Winter Olympics Games, which last about two weeks, this is the first of several Liberty House Games. A special reward awaits the house which wins the character competitions.

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by Travis Hoffer