January 31, 2018 Achievements

School Superintendents Weigh in at 42nd Annual Des Moines Legislative Day

School superintendents from across the state descended on the Iowa statehouse Wednesday.

The group of educators interacting with lawmakers to encourage them to support school funding initiatives.

Sioux City Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman was among those in attendance.

In addition to asking lawmakers to provide enough money for education in Iowa, Gausman says they’re also pushing lawmakers to get budgets done on time.

Too often, he says, school districts don’t get information on state support in a timely fashion.

“So, it’s very important that we not only get an adequate number but we find out what that number is as soon as possible so that we can do a responsible job for our local tax payers,” Dr. Gausman said.

Gausman and the other superintendents are telling lawmakers that funding levels for quality education are essential to Iowa’s economic development.

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