January 6, 2018 Achievements

Sioux City Bus Driver Gives Back

It’s a heart-warming act during our very cold weather that makes us all Siouxland proud.

A Sioux City school bus driver’s selfless act of kindness ensured all the kids on his route had coats, hats and gloves for winter.

Dave Conway retired last March, and while some choose to coast for the rest of their lives, Dave did not. Now he spends his days as a school bus driver and making a lasting impact on almost 60 kids.

“One thing I say to them every day is it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice,” said Dave

Not only does Dave share words of wisdom with kids onboard bus 20, he lives them out loud.

“So I picked up my kids, there was a cold snap. It was in November and I said where are your coats? They said this is it and I said ‘Oh, this won’t do.’ I said get your name and sizes and then it snowballed, probably did 50 coats, hats, gloves.”

Like any profession, Dave could go through the motions and simply do what’s in his job description. Instead, he’s chosen to make his kids feel valued and cherished before they even step foot into school every day.

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by Morgan Mobley