February 22, 2018

Respectful Student Demonstration

This message is to inform you that today, February 22, students of West Middle School initiated a respectful demonstration to advocate for stricter gun control. This action came in response to the Parkland, FL school shooting on February 14.

As a school District, we respect that students have a voice. When a collective group, like our student body, takes interest in national politics to help make a difference in the world, we as a District support them.

The message we must reinforce is that demonstration must remain respectful. The leaders in this District continue to be vigilant in protecting student safety. So, when a demonstration occurs where students walk out, we ask that students remain on school grounds where we can provide proper supervision outside the building. Once the demonstration is done, students are also expected to return to class with little disruption to instruction.

School is a great place to learn about proper civil discourse. Our staff are well-prepared to address student inquiries around matters of national interest and lead students in discussions about how to use their voice in a meaningful way. As a parent or guardian, we hope that you can also have conversation about these topics with your child at home.