February 24, 2018 #SuccessorySaturday

#SuccessorySaturday – North High

North High students recognize educators who help them succeed.

Greg Anderson, Teacher:

“Thank you for always encouraging me and motivating me when I’m doubting myself or my work and for helping me understand there’s more to English than just speaking it.”

Consuelo Bates, Teacher:

“Thank you for always being there for your students and thinking about our futures. No matter what you have going on in life you always greet your classes with a smile.”

Matthew Bobier, Teacher:

“Thank you for being such a huge role model to your students, including me. The work you went through to get to where you are has inspired me to think big for my future.”

Brittany Brewer, Instructional Assistant:

“Thank you for giving me advice when I need it and for helping me get through my exchange year with a smile on my face.”

Brenda Bush-Hanson, Teacher:

“Thank you for helping me become the leader I am today. Through your council I have become the best person I can be!”

Korey Cantrell, Teacher:

“Thank you for making me realize my capabilities and for being so supportive. You have helped me see things through a different perspective.”

Kevin Clark, Teacher:

“Thank you for helping me understand math in a way that no other teacher has been able to.”

Scott Embrock, Teacher:

“Thank you for always asking everybody in the class how we can learn best, and using our ideas to make the class better. You push me to do my best every day.”

Blaine Fickbohm, Teacher:

“Thank you for being an incredible teacher. You are one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of having in school. You’re always engaged in whatever you’re teaching.”

Faith Hall & Austin Simon, Teachers:

“Thank you for improving my confidence as well as my musicianship and for telling me to never give up no matter how hard things may seem.”

Lisa Hamerlinck, Counselor:

“Thank you for the care and support you have shown me, and for how you push me to strive for the best. I appreciate everything you have done for me.”

Christopher Hanson, Teacher:

“Thank you for making me a more confident singer and encouraging me not to quit. Thanks to you, Madrigal was one of the absolute best nights of high school ever.”

Katharine Henderson, Teacher:

“Thank you for giving me and my classmates a safe and fun environment to learn and strive in.”

Tim Hess, Instructional Assistant:

“Thank you for helping all students who are having a rough time and encouraging everyone to try their hardest.”

Kamyl Hoing, Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching me the English language.”

Carrie Hubert, Teacher:

“Thank you for keeping me motivated in class.”