February 16, 2018 #SuccessorySaturday

#SuccessorySaturday – Unity Elementary

Unity Elementary students recognize educators who help them succeed.

Emily Mogensen, Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching me and helping me when I need it. And for being patient and pushing me to be my best. You are a great teacher!”

Eric Kilburn, Principal:

“Thank you for inspiring me to learn and to always be myself.”

Debra Parrott, Teacher:

“Thank you for caring about me and making me feel safe when I was in first grade.”

Michelle Moser, Teacher:

“Thank you for helping me in second grade with math, writing, social studies, and reading. I love school!”

Scott Schubert, Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching me that learning is very important but that it’s still okay to have FUN!”

Stephanie White, Teacher:

“Thank you for always being there for me and for making me into the student I wanted to be. You’re awesome!”