February 8, 2018 • Achievements

Sunnyside Elementary Hosts Very Own Winter Olympics

Students from Sunnyside Elementary got to kick off their own version of the winter Olympics The Sunnyside Winter Olympics.

Each individual class was assigned a country to represent in their version of Olympics.

Students then lined the hallways making a ceremonial march to the gym supporting flags and clothing showing their support for their given country.

The students were told what tasks in the classroom, and at home that they could complete in order to win their vision of a metal, a colored bracelet to help their class rise to the top of the ranks.

Sunnyside Elementary Principal Blair Taylor didn’t know what to expect in the first year of the Sunnyside Winter Olympics.

“I didn’t know what to expect this is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this before. So to see their energy level when they’re walking down to the nation’s anthem that they are representing, to hear them chanting their country’s name, it was just something special,” said Blair Taylor Sunnyside Principal

The Sunnyside Winter Olympics will be going on until Friday, February 23rd, where the winning classes will be announced.

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by Brett Funke