February 23, 2018 Academics

West High & Loess Hills team up for engineering project

West High Loess Hills boat collaboration

Second graders at Sioux City’s Loess Hills Elementary were given a hand on a special project Friday.

West High students helped the youngsters build boats that would hold plenty of weight without sinking.

It was an exercise in learning about engineering and physics.

But the project wasn’t just about the classroom subjects.

“They have to listen, plan all together so they’re really building teamwork. We kind of teamed up to really come together and break the walls of the classroom and I think we’re doing that and we’re really succeeding.” said Andy Posey, Loess Hills Elementary School Teacher.

The students tested the boats by placing them in water and putting oranges in them.

Any needed adjustments were made before the boats were tested in front of their classmates by the teacher.

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by Jaret Lansford