March 23, 2018 Academics

Morningside Elem. students create living wax museum titled “Hero of History”

Some local fifth grade students brought history to life Friday.

Students at Morningside Elementary held their annual wax museum.

More than 100 students spent 9 weeks researching a “Hero of History” and writing an essay about that person, using that essay to put together their wax museum display.

“I think the turnout is fabulous. As you can see it’s very loud in here, very noisy, but there’s tons of parents, the kids did great. Their costumes are fabulous and their speeches are even better. I’m just really proud of how the kids did. I think they did fabulous,” said teacher Meagan Casey.

The displays included a “red button” which visitors could push to get more information on the historical person from the student playing them.

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