#SCCSD March Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all nominees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Becky Trout, Library Assistant @ Bryant Elementary

“Becky does an outstanding job as the Bryant Library Assistant. She is always flexible about adjusting her schedule to accommodate unscheduled events. She also works with students during What I Need (WIN) reading intervention to help improve their reading skills. Becky can always be counted on to do whatever it takes to support students, staff, and parents.”

Kristina McGrain, Special Education Teacher @ Clark Early Childhood Center

“Kristina’s students have seen tremendous growth and success throughout the school year. She has worked to support their academic and behavioral needs with classroom teachers, families, and other staff. Kristina is a team player, is always willing to listen to suggestions, and puts the needs of her students first at all times.”

Susan Richardson, Instructional Assistant @ Clark Early Childhood Center

“Susan supports all students at Clark Early Childhood Center by rotating through classrooms, working with students individually and in small groups, and assisting in supervising classrooms when teachers need to attend a brief meeting. Susan additionally supervises students at numerous duties before and after school, as well as lunch and recesses throughout the day. Susan is available at a moment’s notice and is always willing to help out in any way. She is an invaluable member of our team.”

Denise Oakley, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Denise has been instrumental in implementing flexible groupings of students. Her students have shown great gains in literacy, and eight recently met proficiency after receiving high-quality interventions and weekly progress monitoring. Denise makes learning fun and engaging, and she utilizes all available resources to meet the needs of her students.”

Mary Duax, Special Education Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Mary has worked with the classroom teachers and families of her students to help them make substantial growth this year. She makes regular communication a priority, and she has high expectations for her students and herself. Mary carries out the goals of our school in all she does. She encourages others to do their best and continually reminds us, “The Sky is the Limit!”

Emily Owings, Art Teacher @Loess Hills Elementary

“Emily has gone above and beyond. She stays late to work on projects that help benefit the entire school. And she also takes the time to help turn our concerts into art shows! When the music teacher was ill Emily was able to help take over her responsibilities with the PBIS Student Council. She volunteers to do duties for others when they are unable to.”

Kenny Strand, Instructional Assistant @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Kenny has taken on responsibilities over the past month that show his absolute dedication to the students of Compass Academy. The difficulties he encounters are unpredictable, but he really does go above and beyond what is asked of him. Kenny has made so many connections with students throughout our building and if he is asked to pick up an extra duty, he will.”

Kelsey Cory, Kindergarten Teacher @ Leeds Elementary

“Kelsey is always so positive with her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure all her students are reaching high levels of academic achievement. With the help of her Future Ready Cohort, she has created engaging, hands-on, technology based centers that her students love and enjoy. Kelsey continues to be a great asset to Leeds.”

Sharon Wehde, Special Education Instructional Assistant @ Leeds Elementary

“Sharron continually goes above and beyond the call of duty. She helps all students and not just the ones assigned to her. She never gets upset and has such a calming effect on the students. Our students know Sharron is there for them when they need help with something. Whenever asked to do something, she gladly does it. She is a team player with a very kind heart.”

Troy Windeshausen, Building Service Technician @ Morningside Elementary

“Troy is always willing to lend a helping hand if any of our staff need anything. He is also great about serving as a positive role model for our students, and loves interacting with them. Troy does a wonderful job of taking care of our building, helping the staff in many ways, and is great at making personal connections with our students at Morningside.”

Kimberly Boekelman, Teacher @ Nodland Elementary

“Kimberly works tirelessly to ensure the needs of each students are met through a rigorous and challenging learning environment. She consistently holds kids to identified standards. Kimberly creates a culture of learning that is fun and student-centered with strong, trusting relationships at the core. She incorporates different learning strategies to engage students.”

Shelley Erwin, Instructional Assistant @ Sunnyside Elementary

“Shelley goes above and beyond in her position at Sunnyside. She wears many hats throughout our building whether it’s in the classroom with students, leading the safety patrol, coming up with creative ideas for potlucks, or covering for a classroom teacher. She is always willing to help. We are very grateful to have Shelley and our students are extremely lucky to work with her.”

Larry Leigh, Building Service Technician @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Larry consistently keeps our building safe and clean and he has been very supportive and instrumental in assisting with our Environmental Science projects and recycling program. Larry takes his job very seriously and sets high expectations for himself and his team. He expects only the best and ensures consistency and accuracy in all responsibilities.”

Marissa Kuiken, Drama & Humanities Teacher @ East High

“Marissa is incredibly innovative in her classroom, offering her students many opportunities for hands-on learning. She continues to challenge her students to achieve success. Marissa also helps students break out of their comfort zones through her lessons. She encourages students to be themselves and show their talents in a variety of ways.”

Rachel Diemer, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Irving Elementary

“Rachel goes above and beyond to help the third grade team at Irving. She is always looking for resources for us to utilize each quarter for small groups, math, and whole group reading. Rachel is constantly reaching out to support our grade level team, is very knowledgeable, prompt in getting back to you, and works so hard for her students and fellow staff members!”