March 14, 2018

SCCSD student-led walkouts

This message is to inform you that today, March 14, students initiated a respectful demonstration to advocate for stricter gun control. This action came in response to the Parkland, FL school shooting on February 14.

In early March, we shared some advance communication with you anticipating that students may participate in demonstrations. So, today’s event was no surprise. We are pleased to report that students conducted themselves with respect and order during the demonstration.

As a school District, we respect that students have a voice. When a collective group, like our student body, takes interest in national politics to help make a difference in the world, we as a District support them.

School is a great place to learn about proper civil discourse. Following the demonstration, our staff addressed student inquiries around matters of national interest. As a parent or guardian, we hope that you can continue the conversation with your child at home tonight.