March 22, 2018 Academics

SCCSD students travel to NASA for Space Settlement Design Competition

Beginning today, 16 SCCSD students will step into the shoes of aerospace industry professionals as they travel to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to design a facility in space.

The annual Regional Space Settlement Design Competition organizes participating students into four competing teams, or “companies”, to design a facility in space that will accommodate several thousand people in a realistic scenario set in the later years of this century. Each year the Competition organizers develop a new design challenge and scenario with its own unique requirements.

The four participating student “companies” work to create a design and operating plan for the facility while meeting the project requirements. Each team prepares a written summary of 50 pages or less of their proposal, and provides a 35-minute oral briefing to judges that fully addresses the project requirements and communicates their ideas, designs, budgets, and schedules.

As our students attempt to conquer the problems inherent in designing a Space Settlement, they will also learn and demonstrate creativity, technical competence, management skills, space environment knowledge, teamwork, and presentation techniques.

Students were selected from a scoring rubric based on grades, an essay, grade level, and teacher recommendation. See below for a list of selected students from East, North, and West High Schools.

East High:

Olivia Tidwell

McKenna Deaton

Manvi Virippil

 Victoria Nelson

Anna Geerlings

North High:

Albert Pham

Michael “Jake” Lee

Tim Nguyen

Jackie Toben

Quinn Adajar

West High:

Coltin Berke

David LE

Jose Ayala Garcia

Kaitlyn Hoopingarner

Amanda Mckivergan

Dalson Rederick